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 Death Knight - Ezecci 70

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PostSubject: Death Knight - Ezecci 70   Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:36 pm

Personal Information:

-Name: Harry

-Any friends inside Infamous who can vouch for you: nope
-How did you hear about Infamous: Orgrimmar General

-Tell us something about yourself (hobbies, job, education. Try to write as much as you can, we want to play with a person, not a bot):
I am 19 years i did start playing wow since 2004 summer. i playd first in alliance forces and raided to aq40. my hobbies are Skateboarding and Drums playing. i am studing to electronics and data and telecommunications course. i am social and happy person and i like to help friends and internet friends.


Character Information;

-Character Name: Ezecci
-Class: Death Knight
-Race: Mighty ORC

-Professions (Including cooking/Fishing). Please list Skill+Any rare recipe's:
i dont have professions now. i start profession training after i ding 80. i think i will take blacksmithing and master armorsmithing if i turn into tank.

-Pre-Tbc raiding experience: zg, mc, bwl, aq20/40 and all world bosses.

-Tbc raiding experience:all

-WOTLK raiding experience:Naxx 25 ( i tried my buddy shadow priest. )

-Link to WoW Armory profile: Character

-Link to talent tree: Talents

-What can Infamous expect from you as a raider:if you take me in guild i can turn into tank spec if needed. I have been raiding alot. veyr much. i will farm comsumables for raids and read tactics if needed.

-What do you expect from Infamous: playing companions.

-Our raid times are; 20;00-00;00 Tues, Thurs, Fri and 19;00-00;00 Sun. Do these conform to your play times, and are you able to make these days?

-What were your former Guilds and what was your reason for leaving them:
none guilds in stormreaver. and old guilds was on alliance.

-Do you have a good grasp of your class? Have you read forums and done the research to ensure you play at the highest level: all what i need to know about my class.

-Do you use addons to help maximize your healing/dps? If so, please list (note-Infamous has a required Addons list):
well i know best dps cycles or tanking cycles for my class.

-Will you be able to maintain a MINIMUM of 75% raid attendance(Yes/No):

-Computer Specs, rough list and capability (IE-Graphics card, processor, RAM, max/min fps, internet stability):
nVidia Geforce 7800 Gtx, 1gb ram, Amd Athlon 3800+

-Do you have a headset (Note, Infamous uses Ventrilo during raids. It is a requirement to use):
Yes i have Headset

-Do you have a e-mail adress on which we can contact you (optional):
Yup. i give it if needed.

-Any questions you have for Infamous: nope
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight - Ezecci 70   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:05 pm

could you please link us the character you raided on in tbc so we can see what gear, experience you gained?

Also, as you are only level70 you'd not only have to level but also gain alot of gear yourself before being anywhere near the standard required.

Maybe seeing your previous character will improve your chances.
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight - Ezecci 70   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:19 pm

i dont want play guildless its boring. and i want hang with some people. while i play.

my first character doesnt belong to me anymore i selled it.

and once i did have fury warrior at tbc. but i selled it to.

Yes i know this apply was silly idea. Very Happy

Edit // i dont want hanging in "noob" unraider guild it makes me feel stupid. :8

Edit #666 (seitan) // Imagine i leveled 65-70 yesterday WHAT A SPEED! it will be notime that im lvl 80 and full heroic gear. Very Happy

Edit #1337 ( greatness) // if guild needs flask maker i can get alchemy.
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight - Ezecci 70   Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:30 am

I think we dont reqruit under lvl 80's anymore? So atm I say no but after you ding 80 and get some gear I am ready to give better check for your application.
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight - Ezecci 70   

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Death Knight - Ezecci 70
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