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 Feral Tank

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PostSubject: Feral Tank   Feral Tank EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 4:32 pm

Character Details:

In game name: Deadlysitupz

Class: Druid

Race: Tauren

Level: 80

Spec/build: Feral / Resto

Previous guilds, reason for leaving:`Sweet Chaos, i was the only one in the guild.

Significant Alt's: Forestjake 73 healing paladin, Crustation 76 Enhacement Shaman

Which character will be your ''Main'' for Wrath (N/a if you dont have an alt): Deadlysitupz, But i will play my paladin and my shaman alot too when i actually get them to 80

Played time on main character: 40 days

Armory/CTprofiles or similar link:

Professions (please include any specific or rare patterns you may have): none at the moment :p

Pre TBC raiding experience: I did not play before the burning crusade

TBC raiding experience: Ive tanked healed and dps'd the whole of kara on 3 different classes. i have done Gruuls lair on my druid and my paladin.

WotLK raiding experience(We dont expect this to be huge): Nax 10man, 25% nax 25man, Sariathon 10/25man, Vault 10/25man

What you expect Infamous to provide you as a player: To assist me in getting full feral or resto gear depending on what spec i am at the time to start off with, then eventually get balance gear so i can be a tank / healer / dps which and Infamous can choose what they want me to be in the raids.

What can Infamous expect from you as a player: Heroic Runs / free boosts, free disenchants, alot of love. ETC

Player(s) In the guild who can vouch for you: Coldshot

Playing times(do they conform to our raid times?: on weekdays 15:30-22:30, Friday 15:30-Till whatever time the raid ends. Saturday 12:00 till whatever time the raid ends. sunday 12:00-10:30

Additional way's of contacting you (Out of game). You may PM your email to an officer if you don't wish it to be publicly viewed. This info will be kept private. MSN, my pc is on most of the time, and even if im not playing on the pc, i will hear if someones messaging me, and you can get coldshot to ring me.

Anything you'd like to add, feel free: If i do get full resto / balance and feral gear. i will be able to assist everyone in anything they want, ill assist with heroics and anything anyone wants really, I Also have a great experience in PvP so i can assist anyone in the arena or on battlegrounds, or even in world PvP EG, if your getting ganked or something.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank   Feral Tank EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 4:57 pm

his spec atm is Resto but he has better gear as Tank
last guild was sweetchaos he left same reson i did not many of our mates play any more and we got intrested i nraiding more
he aslo knows Dj in the guild and majeh who we did alot of HC with when we got 80
Jake has school still so he can attend more than just sturday but has to shower during the raid and has to be off at 11 so he can raid every day

i made these corrections as jake mad this at 10:50 and only had 10mins to do it cuz of school in the morning. just cuz hes 15 and in school dosent make him crap at wow so dont leav him out just cuz of his age.

i think jake whould be a good assest to the guild as he allready has gear in all 3 specs and is skilled as feral as its is fav.

so as his friend, arena partner and played to game for 2years with him i aprove and hope the officer do the same
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank   Feral Tank EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 1:42 am

Would be nice if we could check out his tank gear.

Second thing which makes me think is the fact that he has to leave the raid ~1 hour before the end. Especially if we have no other tanks online it may mean that also the other 24 or 9 ppl gotta end the raid too.

But we will look into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank   Feral Tank Empty

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Feral Tank
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