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 =Is Infamous right for you?=

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PostSubject: =Is Infamous right for you?=   =Is Infamous right for you?= EmptyMon Jan 12, 2009 4:43 am

About Infamous:

Infamous is a relatively new formed PvE raiding guild built by real life friends and expanded into something bigger. We are heavily focused on our PvE progression and we are currently destroying Wrath content. We aren't just a raiding guild, we're also a friendly social 'home'. We enjoy our guild chit-chat and we love new people to talk to. We're currently looking for a few dedicated and talented WoW players to join the team and become part of the family. As the recruitment post says, all applicants are welcome for now and we're specifically looking for players who will devote themselves to becoming part of the guild and it's members; not just a 'bot' that tends to speak occasionally.

What we can offer you:

  • A Friendly and welcoming guild. We are a raiding guild, but we never let that become detrimental to our social nature. Unlike some more hardcore guilds, Infamous prides itself on it's more chatty side. We want our applicants to be friendly and mature, but also involve themselves in conversation and get to know us better by using these very forums

  • Raid Content. As stated multiple times around the forums, we are a guild heavily focused on raiding (although we occasionally participate in guild PvP). Accordingly, we raid 10 and 25man raids, 4 days a week. We have considered upping this to 5 raids and increasing the pace, though we are currently doing just fine. As you will see elsewhere on these forums; we have cleared all 10man raids, and have them on farm. 25man raids are under a similar status, though we are still trying malygos 25 (30%). We expect he'll be dead within the coming weeks. Naturally, you can expect to be seeing this content should you join us, with the right gear and knowledge.

  • Maturity Our playerbase is comprised of mainly adult players. We expect our players to show an adult level of maturity regardless of age. We don't accept 'leet speak' or similar. So 'kk wuu2 m8' is a no-no on the forums or in the chat. Any players who do not obide to this rule will find themselves guildless fairly soon.

  • Equipment/Gear Obviously as we are raiders you can expect loot. There are certain rules regaridng loot, which are listed on the inside forums. But if you show you are dedicated enough and raid with us as often as possible, you are in for a decent chance of receiving loot which you may need.

  • Fairness We are currently using DKP after switching from the Loot Council system. We found the LC system was not entirely effective at gearing up players, and due to popular opinion we switched to DKP. Our DKP system does ensure players are entitled to loot regardless of any external factors except one; dedication. We do, however, still use the Loot Council system for 10man raids, as it is much faster and in most cases, loot is DE'd.

  • Fun! Above all in this game, Infamous looks for fun. We are not interested in spending countless hours trying server firsts. As this is a game, we only look for the fun in it. This does not get in the way of the more 'serious' PvE raiding side of the guild, however.

What you should offer us:

  • Dedication Most important thing you can offer Infamous is your dedication. We do not expect you to farm gold for the guild vault, or give us all of your epics. We do however expect you to raid as much as possible (75% is minimum) and perform well in raids. We do not tolerate slackers, and in turn, slackers do not tolerate us. It will become evident if you are slacking to us very quickly, so try and steer clear of that.

  • Maturity In the same way we offer you a mature environment, we expect you to act accordingly. Immature players are not tolerated.

  • Knowledge Infamous does not expect you to be the soul of Elitist Jerks, but we do expect class and raid knowledge. To raid, you have to have a decent understanding of your class and the environments it will be put in. We want people who love playing their own class, who love to raid, and know how to do it.

  • A Sense of humour One thing which annoys us is players who love to complain about wipes. This is why we want players who understand how to have a laugh, and how things can go tits up at times. We want you to be able to offer your personality to the guild. Each player is unique and has their own story to tell, why not find out?

If you like what you see, why not use our pre-made application template (or write your own!) and throw us an application.
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=Is Infamous right for you?=
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